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What to Expect

We are so excited to work with you! Below you will find valuable information regarding the upcoming project in your home.

First Things First

If you have not already done so, please electronically sign your proposal and contact our office to make deposit arrangements. We cannot begin work until our office is in receipt of your signed contract and project deposit.

Crew Arrival Times

Our office will text you between 3pm and 6pm each day prior to our crew’s arrival with estimated windows of time. These times are good-faith approximations.. Please know we do everything in our power to be timely.

Floor Stain Color Matters

If you are having your floors stained, you can expect to see stain color samples on the first day your sanding begins. Our talented technicians will sand a small area of your floor and lay up to 5 samples for you to choose from. This the best way to see how the stain will look; taking into account the lighting, wall colors, porousness of your wood floors and various other factors.


If you are having sanding and finishing work done on your home, please make sure that you are prepared before the sanders arrive by taking the following measures:

    1. Cover all heating vents and air returns in the area to avoid dust in your air conditioning system
    2. Put up plastic covering in doorways to prevent dust from getting into adjacent rooms
    3. If you are having a kitchen done, please cover all cabinets to prevent dust from getting into the cabinets and items that might be inside them
    4. If you have any window treatments that can be removed, we would recommend removing them from the work area to prevent dust from getting on them.
    5. If there are any spaces and/or objects on walls, etc. that you would like to preserve from dust, removing or covering them would be advised
  • *Please Note: If sanding work is being done in your home, access to the panel box will be required to run our machinesRead over the customer responsibilities on the bottom of your contract to be aware of any additional preparation for your specific project


When you opt to hire us to move your furniture—please note the following:

We will move LARGE furniture items out of the Work Areas and into the nearest rooms. We will NOT move furniture to another floor, into the garage or outside of the house. If there are no areas for the furniture to be moved to, then it is the customer’s responsibility to remove the furniture from the Work Areas. 

We ONLY move LARGE Furniture items, such as:

  • Large Tables (no end tables or small coffee tables)
  • Wall Units (must be completely empty of contents or it will NOT be moved, and the job will be re-scheduled accordingly)
  • Book Cases (to be completely empty of contents)
  • Sofas and Recliners
  • Dressers (all drawers must be removed)
  • Mattresses (bed frame must be completely broken down prior to moving)

We do NOT move these items:

  • Electronics
  • Personal Items such as Clothing or Jewelry
  • Plants or Vases
  • Fish Tanks, Pet Cages or Pet Accessories
  • Lamps or Lighting Fixtures
  • Area Rugs
  • Dining Room Chairs
  • End Tables or Small Coffee Tables
  • Grandfather Clocks
  • Mirrors, Picture Frames or any other Home Décor 
  • Pianos or Instruments
  • Pillows, Blankets or Bedding
  • Any Furniture with Stone or Granite

After the work is finished, Gorsegner Brothers will move the Furniture back into the general area of the room it was removed from. The Customer is responsible for making placement adjustments, as necessary. E-Z Glide Furniture Pads are available for purchase in our Showroom—customer is responsible for application of said pads.

Fast, Quality and Affordable

Gorsegner Brothers Hardwood Flooring is dedicated to giving you the best customer service possible! We thank you for your business and are looking forward to working with you. As a family-run business, we understand the importance of fast, easy, quality and affordable service. We consider our installation to be better than that of your average hardwood floor company. And we guarantee that with our expert installers and our Dust Containment System, we will get the job done right and you will be completely satisfied!

Billing Information

Each time our crew performs a portion of the work in your contract, a bill will be associated with that work.

For example: If we come and tear out an existing tile floor, in preparation of installing new hardwood flooring, you will receive a bill for that item and payment will be due upon completion. If later that same day, our crew comes and installs the new hardwood floors, another bill will be given and due.

  • Please Note: If you are having sanding work done, 2/3rds of the total bill for sanding is due the first day before the work begins. Our policy is that final payment on sanding needs to be paid before the final coat can be applied.

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