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Tips for Keeping Your Floors Perfect

Tips for Keeping Your Floors Perfect

It is our goal to help you get (and keep) your home’s flooring in a state that you can be proud of. Here are our Top 3 Tips to maintaining your wood floors:

1. Take advantage of our floor maintenance program.

Your goal should be to never have to re-sand and re-stain your floors . The way to do that is by taking care of them every year. Check out our floor maintenance plan to find out how you can keep your floors in optimal condition and prolong them for years to come.

2. Did you know certain rugs can harm your wood floors?

Avoid solid foam backed rugs, which can retain moisture and dirt, damaging your flooring. Instead, we recommend you use waffle-pattern backed rugs. And if possible, use rugs made with only organic materials.

3. Manage your home’s humidity.

In the summer, too much can cause swelling and cupping. In the winter, too little can cause shrinking and gaps. Keep your home’s humidity between 40-50% year-round for optimal floor care.

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