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National Wood Flooring Association Inspection Services

If you are experiencing trouble with your hardwood flooring, Gorsegner Brothers can help! We are certified by the National Wood Flooring Association as a hardwood flooring inspector. Let us investigate your issue and resolve it for you immediately!


What will a Hardwood Flooring Inspector do for me?

Hiring an independent NWFA inspector or a commercial NWFA inspector will provide you the best possible assessment of your floors from a trained professional. Gorsegner Brothers is an inspector experienced in detecting imperfections in your hardwood flooring, such as climate control issues, manufacturer defects, and other material issues that may be preventing your floor from looking its best.

As a fair and objective judge, a NWFA Certified Inspector can easily determine what is troubling your floor after a few simple tests, a walk through of your home or business, and the knowledgable expertise gathered from years of experience and schooling.

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Does it cost anything to have a NWFA Certified Inspector to come my home?

Yes, employing an NWFA Inspector to assess your home’s hardwood floors does require time and money. In exchange, you will receive a report detailing the problems affecting with your flooring, which will then be submitted to the accountable parties. This report is endorsed by the authority of the National Wood Flooring Association. Due to the quality and authority of the report, payment must be made before or at the time of inspection.
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Will this Inspector be certified for inspecting work done by this parent company?

No. While our knowledge and background will be beneficial during an in-home consultation and throughout the job process, all conflicts of interest are acknowledged and reconciled. An important part of receiving NWFA certification is having the ability to separate oneself from a job your company is currently working on. Gorsegner Brothers guarantees we will not participate in any inspection job that already has the Gorsegner Brothers Hardwood Floors name attached to it.

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