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September 1, 2015

Is the Humidity Damaging Your Floors?


Unseen Damages of Indoor Humidity

In most homes, basements and crawlspaces lack any sort of temperature or humidity control. The elevated humidity levels in these areas can cause significant damage to the underside of your hardwood floors.

This is because floors above basements and crawlspaces are exposed to two different types of air – one from below and one from above. The combination of these forces can cause “cupping” in your floors, where the edges of boards slightly bow upwards, causing permanent damage.

If you have hardwood floors, make sure you are running a dehumidifier in your basement this summer to lower humidity levels. It can save your floors for years to come.

Call Gorsegner Brothers to assess any damage to your floors as a result of humidity. We can help repair or replace your floors and keep your home looking beautiful.

Flooring Tips

Maintenance Plan – You should never have to re-sand or re-stain your floors. Sign up for a maintenance plan to keep your floors in top shape year after year.

Ideal Humidity Levels – Too much or too little humidity will damage your floors. Keep your home’s humidity set to between 40-50% year round for optimal floor care.