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February 8, 2018

Here Are the 4 Top Hardwood Floor Trends To Watch in 2018


hardwood floor trendsSometimes it seems interior designs change just as fast as other fashions. What was once hot and classy may now seem tacky and outdated. But, luckily, some of the most popular hardwood floor trends are classics with strong staying power.

While we know that everyone has different tastes when it comes to home flooring style, stains, finishes, species and color choices, here’s what’s trending right now in material and styles.

Hardwood Flooring Trends to Watch This Year

Thankfully, hardwood never really goes out of style; most people want the real thing It’s timeless, natural, warm, stylish, eco-friendly and can last for over a century. But when it comes to the details of hardwood flooring, trends and preferences change.

1. Solid Hardwood Floors

This timeless classic won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Most people continue to choose solid hardwood over engineered wood or other shorter-term alternatives that cannot be sanded or refinished. Since solid hardwood flooring has the lifespan of over a century, those looking for a long-term flooring solution will turn to solid hardwood.

2. Farmhouse Style

This year, thanks in part to Joanna Gaines from the Fixer Upper TV show, we’re seeing trends that point to rustic farmhouse styles. Returning to a more authentic, natural look with wider planks, paler, cool toes (such as grays and white-washed floors), and distressed flooring with more knots and stronger graining. This style is often eco-friendly and makes an ideal hardwood floor trend fit for both farm-style houses as well as a modern home.

3. Simple Layouts

As we move away from layouts with multiple widths, diagonals and chevron, more customers are now leaning towards a straight lay single plank layout. This clean and simple flooring creates balance, reduces distractions and offers the opportunity for homeowners to utilize more patterns with other interior design elements.

4. Wide Planks

Over the past decade, wide planks have been growing in popularity. Moving away from installing standard 2 ¼” strips to anything above 3 ¼” to even a foot wide or broader. They not only make modern homes appear more contemporary, but they also make an older home appear more authentic and rustic.

How These Hardwood Floor Trends Will Boost Your Home Value

If your flooring feels a bit outdated, incorporating these hardwood flooring trends will radically improve your atmosphere and comfort at home. And it will also boost your home value.

When the time comes for an NJ homeowner to put their home up for sale, a solid hardwood floor is a top selling point. It not only improves the value of the home but it also allows the new home buyers to have the flexibility to sand and refinish with their preferred colors.

Stay on Top of Hardwood Floor Trends with Gorsegner Brothers

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