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January 20, 2020

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips


Home interior trends are constantly changing. Some flooring options come and go with the trends, but the popularity of wood flooring has lasted for generations. Take care of your investment with these simple hardwood floor maintenance tips and ensure your wood floors impress for years to come.

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Removing Shoes in Your House

The benefits of removing your shoes in the house goes far beyond tracking less dirt and debris inside to sweep up. The grit on the bottom of shoes can damage the finish on hardwood flooring and reduce its longevity. Soft soled, rubber shoes can also scuff up your wood floors, leaving black marks which need to be removed. High heeled shoes can gouge or mar wood floors if worn indoors. Even worse, if the spike or stiletto heel is in rough shape, the nail can pop through and badly scratch your wood. 

Not only that, but shoes can also track bacteria, toxins and allergens into the home. From E. coli to lawn fertilizer to grass allergens, studies show that wearing shoes in the house can actually bring in health hazards. 

Keep a shoe rack or basket near the door so that everyone takes them off automatically, as soon as they get home. Feel free to keep a pair of slippers near by to swap out and keep your toes warm during the cold, NJ weather.

What About Pets

Pet owners are often conflicted about the compatibility of hardwood flooring and their canine friends. The good news is, you don’t have to choose between one or the other. Following basic hardwood floor maintenance tips will ensure that your floors keep their sheen, without sending Fido to the doghouse.

There’s no doubt about it, dogs are dirt magnets. Keep their paws clean by using a pet-safe wipe after every walk (before they come inside). Also, if you hear clicking when your dog walks throughout your house, it might be time for a mani-pedi! According to the ASPCA, your dog’s nails should be trimmed just as they begin to reach the ground. 

Finally, avoid heavy bones in rooms that have hardwood. When pups playfully pick up bones and drop them repeatedly, it can leave dings and scratches in your beautiful hardwood floors.

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How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Cleaning your floors correctly is essential for maintaining your investment. Since all that dust and dirt can’t hide on your hardwood floors (like it can on carpet), it’s helpful to stick to a regular schedule of cleaning. For example: 

  • Dry mop or dust daily
  • Vacuum weekly
  • Clean heavy traffic areas with a recommended hardwood floor cleaner twice a month (or more in messy months)
  • Sand and refinish every 10 years


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Refinishing for Your Hardwood Floors (Dust-Free)

For the ultimate hardwood floor maintenance, consider refinishing. Refinishing hardwood floors involves removing the old finish, exposing the new wood and finishing with your stain color of choice.

One of the most common concerns we hear about refinishing wood floors is the amount of dust. In the past, refinishing was a dusty and messy process, covering furniture, walls and every surface in the home.

Today however, we provide a 99% dust-free solution, which removes airborne particles through a powerful vacuum extraction and filtering system before they even enter the air. This sanding technology has been proven to be highly effective, especially for those who suffer with allergies or asthma. 

The flooring experts at Gorsegner Brothers are here to help guide you through the process of maintaining your floors so they retain their natural sheen. To set up an estimate, please contact us online, by phone at 732-291-7263 or visit our showroom at 6 South Holmdel Road, Holmdel, NJ 07733.

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