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October 9, 2018

Hiring a Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company vs DIY Floor Sander


floor sanderNot sure if you should rent a floor sander and attempt to do it yourself or hire a professional refinisher in New Jersey? Hardwood floor refinishing can be difficult, especially for someone who has never attempted anything like it before. Hiring a professional greatly reduces the risk of mistakes and costly repairs.

Hiring a Professional vs. DIY Floor Sander

Imagine you’re relaxing on your couch when your spouse mentions that the hardwood floors are starting to look a bit dull. So, you agree that the room would look much nicer if you refinish the floors. Why not save some bucks and rent a floor sander?.

Seems like you should be able to knock this out in an afternoon. And, if you are being honest, floor sanding sounds like an enticing challenge for DIY homeowners who like to get their hands dirty. But, make no mistake… sanding a wood floor yourself can result in extremely costly pitfalls.

Over time, even the highest quality wood floors will start to dull and show signs of wear and tear. That’s normal, especially in high traffic areas or when you have pets.

It can be tempting to rent a floor sander to address those scratches and marks on scuffed areas. But, amateur attempts to rent and learn how to use a floor sander over a weekend are not only time consuming and risky, they’re also difficult, even for the experienced do-it-yourselfer. You don’t want your learning curve to be at the expense of your home’s floors.

6 Advantages of a Professional Floor Sander

The advantages of hiring a local NJ professional hardwood floor refining company versus attempting to DIY are numerous. Here are just a few:

1. Quality Outcome

Leave nothing to chance. When you hire a professional, your job will look (and feel) professional. Sanding is a very intricate skill to learn, no matter how many YouTube floor sanding videos you’ve watched. Plus, the floor sanders used by professionals are much better than what you can rent at Lowes or Home Depot. Who wants to risk their own floors on equipment that has been beaten up by countless floor sanding newbies?

2. Minimize Risk

Reduce the risk of potentially gouging or damaging your floors by hiring a professional hardwood floor refinishing company. Not only are professionals less likely to make mistakes, but if they do make them, they have the experience to know how to fix them properly.

3. Save Time

When considering whether to rent a floor sander and attempt to sand the floors yourself or hire a professional, you’ll want to consider the time involved (and how much you value your time). Save precious time and effort by going with a professional to restore your floors to like-new condition.

4. Control Costs

DIY floor sanding runs the risk of materials and equipment rental prices getting out of hand. What happens if you have to keep the sander for an extra day because ‘life just got in the way”? Extra fees that add up.

5. Last Longer

Poorly sanded hardwood floors results in improper stain penetration. As a result, the finish will not last as long as if the job was completed by the pros, or will look streaky, blotchy or uneven.

6. Control Mess

Inevitably, when amateurs attempt to use a floor sander, they’re left with airborne dust particles that are not only messy, but end up getting embedded within the poly finish. Many professional flooring companies, like Gorsegner Brothers, offer dustless sanding and refinishing services. Dust-free sanding allows you to maintain a cleaner, healthier living environment for your home. That means easier clean up, safer breathing and glossier, smoother floors.

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