Protect Your Hardwood With This Simple Trick

You may have noticed gaps beginning to appear in your hardwood floors. Don’t freak out! This is caused by decreased humidity in the winter, which causes your floor boards to shrink. Humidifiers can help!

The good news is that there is an easy way to prevent these gaps. Set the humidifiers in your home to above 40% in the winter to maintain optimal levels for your wood floors. Your floors will look better and last longer.

For more information about the care and maintenance of your hardwood floors – or to schedule a maintenance appointment – contact the experts at Gorsegner Brothers.

Bonus Tip: Winter is a great time to install new hardwood floors because it minimizes moisture trapped in sub-floors.


Winter Flooring Facts

Choose Your Boards Wisely
• Narrow boards show less gaps than wider planks in the winter
• Certain species of wood are less stable than others, resulting in more shrinkage in low humidity

Stop Weather Related Damage
• Winter weather increases the amount of dust, dirt, salt and buildup on your floors, which can cause more wear and tear. More frequent cleaning will help your floor’s longevity.

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